Which Is Better? Foam Pillow Or Latex Pillow?

First of all, let's take a simple look at the definition of a latex pillow, slow rebound pillow, what pillow is a latex pillow?What kind of pillow is a slow rebound pillow? 

Latex pillows made from pure natural latex, permeability and hygroscopicity, natural environmental protection, no pollution, non-toxic, anti acarid, allergy, have natural antibacterial anti mite can empty, is not dupont anti mite cover also can be a very good anti mite.But high resilience can not be very effective in relieving stress.Because it is pure natural material, the service life is relatively long. 

Memory Foam pillow is a kind of synthetic cellulose sponge, is one of the family of sponge, known as inert sponge, alias such as: slow rebound sponge, sponge, sponge, zero pressure space Memory sponge sponge, wisdom, etc., English named Memory terms, its main composition is polyurethane Foam plastics.Also known as memory pillow, memory foam pillow is a pillow with memory foam material, its function can not increase the memory but because often use pillow can form the shape of the head and neck inherent.Most memory pillows are slow rebound pillows.Example: tiger's well-known brands such as memory pillow, are all imported material, because domestic material basic is a sponge + chemical additive to take the place of, so will produce very pungent odor, harmful to human body, the effect is absolutely different.The imported material is sensitive to temperature. 

Second, it needs to be analyzed in depth:

Latex pillows with soft texture, are more comfortable while you are sleeping, especially infant head shape is not yet finalize the design when using the best, people commonly use medicine to remove the uncertainty effect, let people have a better memory pillow sleep quality is an indisputable fact that as a result of the arc made according to the ergonomic (neck bigger support is needed to make the body get the correct balance), and lay down roll bones twist more moderate buffer, if often have fall sleep diagnosis case, switch to memory pillow usually have excellent improvement effect.Advice: young people and infants use latex pillows, old people and bones are vulnerable to the use of memory pillow, personal use of backhand, since the memory pillow has not been troubled. 

Finally, it came to the conclusion that, relative to the memory pillow, the latex pillow had a long time, and it was likely that overnight, it would become very flat, and it would take a long time to recover.Memory memory foam pillow will embody its advantage at this time, memory pillow will be the shape of the original image is actually a metaphor, just can be restored to its original shape, the degree of its slow rebound, which shall be determined according to the material quality is good in about 15 s memory foam pillow.....