Teach You To Easily Identify The Memory Of The Pillow Is Good Or Bad

Memory pillow is the rise of high-tech memory in recent years, pillow, also known as space memory pillow; memory pillow in line with our ergonomic design, it has been favored by people, memory pillow can improve our cervical strain, relieve cervical pain, On our cervical spine has a great health care, but because of the rapid development of memory pillow, there are many unscrupulous businesses using low-quality cotton, many do not meet the standards, so lead to our selection of time can not correctly identify the quality of memory pillow, the following Xiaobian To tell you about the daily memory of the pillow method:

The higher the density of memory pillow, the better the quality. The density can be determined by the weight of the pillow. In other words, the same volume of memory pillow, the heavier the weight, the better the quality.

Memory pillow in the force, not immediately restore the original shape, but more slowly restore the shape. Xiaobian keep the dream of the memory of the pillow with you to explain, many people think that the memory of the pillow of the longer rebound the better, in fact, this is the wrong understanding of the general memory pillow rebound time is 3 to 5 seconds is the best , Is not to say the longer the better, Chun Meng just can do this standard rebound time. When you buy, you can press the memory pillow, feel it is slow rebound, how long is the rebound time?

Because the memory pillow is a memory foam made of cotton, so a production will be a little smell, we do not have to worry that this is normal, so when we buy back, should be placed in a cool place to dry one or two weeks, The general smell will be dissipated, and if the smell is long gone, it is necessary to consider the quality of the memory pillow problem.

The general memory pillow is a temperature-sensitive effect, at low temperatures, the memory pillow will be relatively hard, at high temperatures, the memory pillow will be relatively soft, you can in the air conditioning environment, observe the memory pillow hardness, or you can hold Remember for a few minutes, look at the memory pillow will not become soft. Good memory pillow, the temperature is more sensitive.

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