Solvay Will Showcase Its Unique Sustainable Development Of Plastic Additive Solutions At Chinaplas 2018

Saddle Brook, NJ, April 17, 2018 - Solvay will showcase plastic UV at Chinaplas, Asia's largest rubber and plastics exhibition in Shanghai from April 24th to 27th. The latest solution for light stabilizers. Solvay's additive technology team will highlight its expanding portfolio of products, including the latest in automotive, construction and agriculture. The team will also explain the power of Solvay's Sustainable Portfolio Management (SPM) approach. Focusing on the macro-trends of improving resource efficiency and reducing waste, SPM can help participants in the entire plastics industry to predict the impact of sustainability trends on their business and to make sustainable strategic business decisions based on this.

Solvay's stabilizers protect the physical and aesthetic properties of plastics from UV light and provide the best balance between processing and cost efficiency, with high performance durability and advanced to meet today's and tomorrow's needs. Plastic solution. Andrea Landuzzi, Global Marketing Director, Polymer Additives Division, Solvay Technology Solutions Group, said.

Based on Solvay's commitment to sustainability, Solvay Technical Services Manager Kemp Kim will discuss how to use high performance stabilizers for product development to support the use of polyolefins in automobiles. The presentation entitled "Extending the Value of TPO and Accelerating the Lightness of Auto Parts" will be held on April 24th from 15:05 to 15:25 at booth 8.2S71.

At the show, Solvay will showcase its complete product portfolio, especially for the Chinese market, including:

·CYASORB CYNERGYSOLUTIONS®A series, even when exposed to aggressive agrochemicals such as burning sulfur, can protect polyethylene film and film during outdoor exposure. The A series can also play a role in protecting the film during the film extrusion process, and provides enhanced thermal protection during the life of the film (over 4 years in the agricultural greenhouse film and more than 2 years in the film).

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