Selena Foam Adhesive Technology Has Been Applied To The Construction Of 10,000 Suites

Micha Specjalski, group marketing director of Selena FMSA, said: “We need to cooperate with a trusted business partner. Therefore, we chose to partner with Heluz to launch the co-branded Tytan Professional Heluz. Selena contributed polyurethane foam technology and existing Technology and products, while Heluz shared its technical knowledge of new building systems. In 2017, we celebrated the 10th anniversary of successful cooperation between the two sides, and we promoted a new type of housing construction in the Czech market. Using this technology, we have Successfully built more than 10,000 housing units, while also satisfying investors and contractors.For us, using innovative products to change our understanding of housing construction is essential.But to promote the customer's business and new It is also important that solutions be applied to practice."


    The Selena Group has been working with Heluz since 2007. The latter has 140 years of experience in the masonry industry and is proud to produce high quality standard ceramic tiles. Heluz has always been a leader in new technologies and is trying to build a new masonry system and find innovative thin-layer mortar suppliers. Thanks to its advanced technology, Selena's foam adhesives are fast, easy to use and energy-efficient, making it an ideal partner for Heluz.


    Selena's R&D department has developed a variety of new products to meet actual market needs. In addition to being more environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, it is also more efficient and economical.


    The cooperation between Heluz and Selena began in 2007. However, foaming adhesive preparation and testing have been started since 2002. The easy construction of foam adhesives is a key factor in the success of the thin layer of Tytan Professional Heluz mortar. In the Heluz building system, the product is used as an adhesive to connect the various parts of the masonry system. In 2007, Heluz introduced standard ceramic blocks to enhance the structure of the wall. As a result, the company has modern bricks with high thermal insulation properties that can be bonded with a thin layer of mortar. In the Czech market, Tytan Professional Heluz is popular for its speed of construction, ease of use and wide application temperature range.

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