Memory Foam Pillow Factory Successful For The 123 Canton Fair

Xu Bing, spokesperson for the Canton Fair, and Deputy Director of the China Foreign Trade Center, introduced that as of May 3rd, the buyers of the 123rd Canton Fair reached 203,346 people from 214 countries and regions, which was better than the Spring Fair of 2017 (ie the 121st Canton Fair). The growth rate was 5.3%, the highest level in five years. The cumulative export turnover was 189.197 billion yuan, which was 3.1% higher than the 2017 spring fair, and it was the highest level of the Spring Fair in 4 years.

According to reports, in the spring of 2017, there was an upsurge of purchases from various countries in the current Canton Fair. Among them, the Americas increased by 12.76%, Europe by 8.07%, Africa by 7.24%, Oceania by 4.19%, and Asia by 2.29%.

Xu Bing introduced that electromechanical products still ranked first in the transaction. The turnover of mechanical and electrical commodities was US$15.89 billion, accounting for 52.8% of the total turnover; the turnover of light industrial products was US$8 billion, an increase of 7.6%, accounting for 26.6% of the total turnover; the value of textile and apparel transactions was US$1.42 billion, an increase of 4.1%, accounting for the total turnover. 4.7%.

The brand exhibition area has achieved a good deal. A total turnover of 10.07 billion US dollars, accounting for 33.5% of the total turnover. Exports to countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” totaled US$9.67 billion, accounting for 32.2% of the total turnover.

It is worth noting that the percentage of short and medium orders in the deal orders is still high, and the proportion of long orders is still low. Short-term orders within 3 months accounted for 42.4%, 36% to 6 months for single accounts for 36.6%, and long-term orders for more than 6 months accounted for 20.9%.

At present, the Canton Fair has become the main channel for Chinese export enterprises to get to know their customers. Xu Bing said that this session of the Canton Fair has even more fully demonstrated its role as an all-around open platform for “selling the world and buying the world.” The import pavilion focuses on attracting high-tech industrial products with high-end brands and consumer products suitable for the needs of the Chinese market. Successful exhibitors from India and other countries have reached long-term cooperation intentions with Chinese companies.

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