Massage Chair Leather New Material, Industrial Upgrading And Change Immediately

For ordinary consumers, a satisfying leather furniture must first have excellent raw materials and detailed craftsmanship. Most of us still have leather,PVC and The concept of PU".

However, the traditional three leathers are different.

1. Dermis: The dermis is a natural leather material made from raw materials such as cows, sheep, pigs, horses, and other animals. With flexibility, breathability and other advantages. Due to the scarcity of leather, genuine leather goods are expensive and require careful maintenance. They are not suitable for high-strength mechanical furniture.

2. PVC leather: PVC leather and PU leather are often collectively referred to as artificial leather. In fact, the manufacturing processes of the two are not the same. The appearance and feel of PVC leather is similar to that of leather, but it is more susceptible to wear and aging than leather. It is a kind of artificial leather product made of a large amount of chemical raw materials and plastics.

3.PU leather: PU leather is made of PU resin and non-woven fabrics as raw materials, so it is also called PU synthetic leather. PU leather is superior to PVC leather regardless of its manufacturing process, ductility, and service life. It has been widely used in the decoration of clothing shoes and car furniture since the 1960s. Given the advantages and disadvantages of each of the three types of leather, the market is in desperate need of a leather that is more suitable for modern home improvement. EPU skin not only includes the advantages of the above three, but is also more environmentally friendly and easy to maintain.

EPU skin full name (non-solvent) eco-polyurethane synthetic leather, developed using international leading technology concepts and process equipment. The manufacturing process is free of organic solvents and water, reducing the heat energy that the solvents and moisture need to absorb to volatilize. Compared with the traditional synthetic leather technology, it greatly reduces the energy waste, truly achieves low-carbon production, and is green and energy-efficient.

The same as synthetic leather, EPU leather has more advantages than PU leather:

1.EPU skin feel soft, smooth, delicate skin, more toughness and flexibility;

2. It is more wear-resistant and scratch-resistant. It is not easy to crack and does not need special care.

3. The lifetime of a piece of precision-made EPU leather can reach 20 years, and the color lasting longer;

4. PU leather is affected by the temperature rise, it is easy to emit a pungent chemical odor, and irreversible deformation wrinkles occur with increasing heat, EPU skin is more heat-resistant, better ductility;

5.EPU skin is more environmentally friendly in the production process, eliminating the use of solvents and chemical reagents, more green, and does not contain harmful substances such as heavy metals that are harmful to the human body. With the improvement of the quality of life, people are increasingly demanding the comfort of household items. As a result, consumption habits and consumer psychology are slowly changing. The pursuit of a higher quality of life has made the massage chair more and more of the family's consumption philosophy.

EPU skin is a better choice for the massage chair leather with its exquisite and toughness of breaking through the tradition. In the furniture sofa and car seat industries, most of the high-end brands use leather materials due to their low elasticity requirements and high pricing. However, in the massage chair market, due to higher toughness requirements of materials and lower cost thresholds, Most of the brand's massage chairs are made of traditional PU leather. Only a small number of brands have to reduce costs and even simplify the process. Although PU leather is used, the environmental standards are reduced. It is reported that before 2017, about 80% of companies in the massage chair market use PU leather, 15% use PVC leather, and 5% use other leather.

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