If The Memory Foam Pillow Really Useful To Your Health.

A pillow made of slow rebound material, its function is not to increase people's memory but because often used pillows will form the shape of the head and neck inherent. Most of the memory pillow is slow back pillow.

Memory pillow features:

1, to absorb the impact, because the head and neck of the force is very average, so pillow in the above feeling like floating in the water or the clouds, the skin feels no pressure like, also known as zero pressure. Sometimes we use the usual pillow when there will be oppression of the ear phenomenon, but the use of slow rebound pillow will not appear this situation.

2, memory deformation, automatic plastic type of ability to fix the skull, reduce the possibility of stiff; automatic plastic type of ability to properly fill the shoulders of the gap, to avoid the shoulder air leakage common problems, can effectively prevent cervical problems. Usually shaped pillow (also known as butterfly pillow) more fit the shoulders and neck.

3, anti-bacterial anti-mite, slow rebound sponge inhibit the growth of mold, remove the growth of mold breeding to stimulate the smell, when perspiration saliva and other circumstances, it is more prominent.

4, breathable moisture, because the shape of the memory sponge and sponge similar to each cell unit is interconnected, excellent moisture absorption, but also breathable.

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