How To Use The Neck Pillow By Correct Way

Cervical pillow is the main tool to maintain the normal position of the head and neck. This "normal" position refers to maintaining the physiological curve of the head and neck itself. This physiological curve not only ensures the external balance of the cervical spine, but also to maintain the physiological anatomy of the spinal canal. So an ideal pillow should be consistent with the requirements of the cervical curvature of the physiological, soft texture, good ventilation, to the middle of the low end of the ingot is better. But also on the head and neck play a relative braking and fixed role, can reduce the head and neck in the abnormal activities of sleep.

How to choose cervical pillow, an ideal pillow, the most basic to make the pillow can be tightly suited to the physiological curvature of the cervical spine, so that work and study the day of life, in the sleep of the lifting of cervical muscle, ligament fatigue.

Cervical treatment of a variety of ways, from the perspective of long-term use, cervical pillow is able to be long-term adherence and use of treatment. So choose the right cervical pillow, long-term adherence, will help your cervical rehabilitation.

Cervical pillow varieties are more, most have a certain role, but not a good combination of daily life habits of patients, often only supine, and the side is not ideal. Cervical pillow on the market, through a unique design, the patient can not only supine, is the side is also very comfortable, but also played a role in improving the quality of sleep, but also help to eliminate fatigue, relax the body!