How To Identify The Slow Rebound Pillow

No matter what brand of buying pillow brand, especially online shopping memory pillow, we must pay attention to the following points to buy skills:


1, to see whether the memory pillow through security, slow rebound materials, chemical substances, from the chemical composition has a certain harm, so the production must control its safety indicators, slow rebound toxic and volatile substances are fully exploited.


2, look at the memory pillow density, density is one of the basic indicators of high-end memory pillow, due to technical bottlenecks and differences in equipment, the domestic production of memory pillow polyurethane density is generally lower than 100D, while foreign memory pillow highest Can reach 150D, followed by even the same density of memory pillow products will vary widely, mainly the recipe, process and raw materials caused by the different.


3, look at the memory pillow material, in order to prevent the black heart business shoddy, pillowcases and then noodles no matter how much, mainly to see pillow core. In the selection of the time, we should try to choose the pillow of imported raw materials, because many of the domestic manufacturers process is not mature, many three or five products are made with sponge chemicals, the smell is not slow rebound effect, The material is more reliable.


4, look at the memory pillow feel, feel and memory pillow density is not the main, the factory is a mature craftsmanship, high-end memory pillow feel very comfortable, pinch up like a kneading dough feeling, almost slow memory pillow slow rebound Feeling a little greeting, or some stiff.


5, look at the memory pillow springback time, many consumers think that the longer the memory pillow is the better, this is a misunderstanding. Better rebound time is 3 - 5 seconds or so. Too short to play a slow rebound effect; too long will make the body stiff