How To Confirm Memory Foam Pillow


With the development of science and technology, as well as the accelerated pace of life, modern people, especially white-collar workers, want to have high-quality sleep, really difficult Take the line master, the first two years of sleep quality is not very good (in recent years, attention to the quality of sleep, through some means to adjust now much better), before a while and a friend chat, talking about his sleep is not good, To germinate an experience, and share with you the idea of sharing my experience. Of course, I am not a professional, experience inevitably some personal views, a statement. If this article you like, point a praise, under the collection, the line off thanked. If you do not like, the upper right corner of the fork do not thank, do not come to spray the landlord. Or that sentence, you can you up, no can no bb.

Line main situation:

The main line is a 182cm, but the weight of 230 pounds of fat. Of course, the next line of the main fat is not completely fat, basically sports-type fat, a child, school hours when the exercise is relatively large, coupled with unscientific diet control (then do not understand ah), after the rapid movement of fat up The. But not too bloated, the body or the majority of the muscles, the current mountain horse party, in the middle of the colleagues in the middle of its right hand on it. Blood pressure normal high blood pressure, physical can also be.

Work is the program apes, mental consumption more. Every day to ensure that a certain amount of exercise (cycling commuting, even if the car will stay for some distance), no sleep before playing the phone problems (this is also good).

The reason why the first description of the next line of the main situation, that is, in the following, some places to talk about personal feelings, it is not specifically explained, please tell me the official brain to make up under the main line and the situation with their own correspondence.

Pillow introduction:

This first talk with you about the choice of pillow. Pillow is not essential, but it is relatively safe to directly improve the sleep condition. As the saying goes: "want to do good things must first of its profits," Well, the same "want to sleep well to choose a good pillow (head)". In fact, the words come back, the most effective is the change in lifestyle, less on the computer, throw away your phone, more exercise, sleep naturally not bad. But I believe that 98% of people are difficult to change their habits, and the reason we all understand, put it into the last chapter to go.

Here to discuss the pillow, regardless of decorative and aesthetics, is the theme - "all for sleep".

Personally think that the choice of pillow should be mainly in accordance with: 1. shape & height, 2. material (including hardness, flexibility, etc.) to choose these two angles.

Pillow shape

Speaking of the shape of the pillow, the first mention of a concept called "cervical physiological curvature." That is, the human part of the cervical spine is not straight, but naturally with a curved top of the natural curvature. Paste a section of Baidu Encyclopedia of information, link here.

Normal human neck activities are as follows: buckling 35 ° ~ 45 °, stretching 35 ° ~ 45 °, left and right lateral flexion 45 °, left and right rotation are 60 ° ~ 80 °.

When the body is sitting or standing, the neck of the person seems to be straight from the side, but the cervical spine is not straight, but in the middle there is a curvature protruding forward. This forward arc protrusion, in medicine called the cervical curvature of the physiological. In the X-ray film, along the curvature of the trip, in each cervical vertebral body

The trailing edge of the formation of a continuous, smooth arc curve, called the cervical physiological curve.

Cervical physiological curve, the normal value is 12 ± 5mm. The measurement method is to start from the upper edge of the dentate process, the vertebral posterior margin connected into an arc, and then from the upper edge of the dentate process to the 7th cervical vertebral body after the lower edge of a straight line, The maximum distance from the highest point of the arc to the straight line is the value that reflects the size of the necklace.

If the long sitting position is not correct, and sleep pillow is too high, it will lead to "physiological curvature straight", will oppress the cervical nerve and blood vessels, and will affect the respiratory tract. Sitting in the wrong way is not correct (less sitting in front of the computer is king), pillow inappropriate to bring the consequences will be: morning dizzy headache, neck stiffness, and sleep snoring. If the fleas are found to have these symptoms, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the pillow problem.

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