BASF Launches New Resource-saving Refinish Product Line

BASF launches new resource-saving refinish product line

Recently, BASF Coatings has launched a new range of refinish brandes, GlasuritĀ® and R-MĀ®, in Europe to make car repair more sustainable. They are the world's first refinish products produced according to the Biomass Energy Balance method, which can effectively reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

acrylic acid

Today, the acrylic acid market in East China is stable, and there are not many suppliers. The first-tier market has a single offer of 7,500 yuan/ton, and market participants have increased their purchasing sentiment. (including tax acceptance price)

Today, East China butyl acrylate market people wait and see mood, suppliers keep the offer price stable, the primary market real offer price of 9200 yuan / ton, the real single.


In the afternoon, the Jiangsu styrene market remained light. Spot selling at 11,230 yuan / ton, selling at 11250 yuan / ton in February, selling at 11300 yuan / ton in March, buy and wait.

In the afternoon, Zhejiang styrene market, Ningbo area quoted at 11,200 yuan / ton from the price increase, Wenzhou area sent to the price of 11,350 yuan / ton. There were no transactions on the day.

Titanium dioxide

Today, the titanium dioxide market in East China has been discussed and operated smoothly. At present, the rutile titanium dioxide in the region is negotiated at 15800-17000 yuan/ton; the manufacturer of anatase titanium dioxide is at 13500-14300 yuan/ton, and the transaction is biased towards the low-end. At present, the local enterprise equipment is running stably, the terminal downstream starts to recover slowly, the intention of receiving goods is flat, the buying power is light, and the enterprise negotiation is more flexible.

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