What are the advantages and disadvantages of latex pillows? Latex pillows are suitable for people?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of latex pillows?


A. It is made of pure natural latex and has no harm or side effects to the human body. Because of its natural material characteristics, it has good antibacterial and anti-spasmodic effects and provides a more healthy and clean sleep. surroundings.

B. According to the ergonomic design, effectively improve the quality and effectiveness of sleep.

C. Has good hygroscopicity and breathability, suitable for snoring, can effectively reduce snoring.

D. has good flexibility, can well buffer the body's pressure, has a strong affinity.

E. High-tech scientific formula, once formed, durable, never deformed.

F. Can effectively improve the cervical spine, lumbar spine and lower blood pressure.

G. Latex pillow can effectively reduce static electricity generated between human body and fiber.

H. Honeycomb-like structure can efficiently dissipate heat generated by the human body.

I. Environmental protection, non-polluting, non-toxic, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic.


A. Latex pillows are too soft and too elastic. The position of the head seems to change all the time, resulting in the neck muscles always adapting to the support of the head. One night, the neck is sour the next day and it feels like it is not sleeping.

B. After the natural rubber latex is tapped to ensure that the latex is not degenerate, it will generally add the appropriate amount of ammonia, which will kill the bacteria and inhibit the deterioration of related enzymes. However, ammonia is harmful to the human respiratory tract.

 Latex pillows for the crowd?

A. Latex pillows are one of the crowds: Parents who are often insomnia, they grow old day by day and send good gifts for their parents - send a pair of good latex pillows to their parents.

B. Latex pillows are suitable for the second group of people: white-collar workers who need good sleep, the acceleration of the pace of life, work pressure, and the pressure of life are all factors that affect white-collar sleep.

C. Latex pillows are suitable for the third group: housewives who work hard, are busy cooking, washing, taking care of children and so on. They are busy and need to have high quality sleep.

D. Latex pillows are suitable for the fourth group: Students who are studying for the exam must bear all kinds of stress, psychological pressure and physical stress. They must get up every day at four or five in the morning and learn late nights to improve the quality of sleep for them. How important it is to have a high quality latex pillow is essential.

E, latex pillows apply to the crowd of five: growing children, needless to say here, the child's health is important, the child's growth and development must start from the "head."

F, latex pillow for the crowd of six: regular driving drivers, the use of health pillows can help them relieve cervical pressure, relieve long-term drive to bring the cervical spine fatigue.

 We know that natural latex pillows, because of its rubber tree sap, have natural anti-mite and antibacterial effects. Latex pillows mainly include Dunlop technology and Talalay production process. Because of their honeycomb-shaped air-hole technology, latex pillows are more breathable than other pillows. Hopefully today we introduce the advantages and disadvantages of latex pillows? Latex pillows are suitable for people? Can help everyone.

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