Schwalbe polyurethane filled tires push the pneumatic tires to a higher level

Schwalbe's pneumatic tires have a typical service life of approximately 10,000 kilometers, requiring no maintenance during the period, and the tires are not pierced and pierced, not to be inflated. According to the company, the use of airless tires "invisibly feels an air pressure of about 3.5 bar, which makes the driving characteristics comparable to the inner tube."

According to René Marks, product manager at Schwalbe, “The smooth, long-lasting and maintenance-free performance of the pneumatic-free tires gives the company the first product to truly replace the inner tube.”

Thousands of mini air cushions

Solid inner tubes have been around for a long time. According to Schwalbe, the new pneumatic tires are so distinctive because of their "technical properties of foam pellets, which contain thermoplastic polyurethane (E-TPU), which was known as a material for BASF foaming microspheres. By the way To put it bluntly, it is the same material as the sole material of the Adidas BOOST running shoes. The pneumatic tires are excellent in shock absorption and flexibility, and can also improve the smoothness.

“It is these characteristics that make the pneumatic tires different from other foams used to date in solid tires,” explains René Marks. “The physical force of the E-TPU foam to restore the compressed material to its original shape is the other two. More than enough. Reason: The E-TPU foam consists of thousands of sealed air balls that together form a highly elastic air cushion. The advantages are much larger than the existing solid inner tube materials, thus becoming the true inner tube. alternatives."

Although the rolling resistance and quality of the pneumatic tires are slightly higher than that of the inner tube, the technical advantage weakens the performance impairment. As long as it can achieve 100% maintenance-free, the pneumatic tire can defeat the inner tube.

Exclusive for professional retailers

Schwalbe airless tires require special assembly tools for installation, and each tire is not installed as long as usual. However, only bicycle dealers can install it and need to be trained and certified by a bicycle technician. The training will begin in May 2018, initially in the Netherlands and Germany.

Schwalbe's pneumatic tires consist of a 40-622 size tire, a white thermoplastic polyurethane tire-free tire and a blue inflatable ring. The inflatable-free ring ensures that the pneumatic-free tires are compatible with different sizes of rims, and the product is suitable for rims with edge widths of 19 to 21 mm. The retail price of Schwalbe tyre-free tyres is €84.90.

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