Polyurethane insulation market will benefit from the new EU Directive

The European Polyurethane Association has accepted the European Union's Building Energy Efficiency Directive amendment, which may increase the sales of polyurethane building insulation.

The increase in sales volume is due to the possibility that the amendment will speed up the rebuilding of buildings across the EU. The amendment clearly requires stakeholders to be ready to implement the Building Energy Efficiency Directive 2010. It also called on EU policy makers to complete individual parts of the clean energy program. The amendment requires the implementation of a "long-term transformation strategy" and will "convert state-owned stocks into energy-efficient decarbonization stocks by 2050."

The European Polyurethanes Association represents the polyurethane insulation materials association of all countries at the EU level and its managing director is Arnaud Duvielguerbigny. He said: "This shows that the focus should be on building wall insulation." However, Duvielguerbign said that energy efficiency directives and governance regulations must be passed in the right form. If this is not the case, the implementation of the amendment will be obstructed. In a statement, he reminded: "The successful revision of the Building Energy Efficiency Directive has not been approved and the work is not over yet."

The amended directive is now being submitted to the policy development agency and it is expected that the agency will seal approval within the next two to three months.

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