Pillow selection

Conforms to the physiological: for when you lie on your back, pillows can maintain the curvature of the cervical curvature, pillow edges should be kept an arc, not takes the form of slope pillow high in line with your shoulder, pillow when supine high punch, side pillow height should be as a punch, along with two fingers.

B height: modern studies suggest that to ipsilateral neck pillows to slightly less than shoulder distance. Pillow height is according to established 7 arranged the physiological curve of the cervical spine in the neck, only adapted to the physiological curvature, to the shoulder and neck muscles, ligaments and joints in a relaxed state, pillow too high or too low are detrimental to human health.

Three length width: Pillow slightly longer is appropriate, the length of the pillow should be enough sleep turn a position behind. Pillows not too wide, too wide and over head and neck joints, muscle tension, to 15~20cm is appropriate.