Pillow main building

Chinese herbal medicines since ancient times is considered to be the best pillow fill material, traditional Chinese medicine: traditional Chinese medicine as a pillow fill material in people's sleep, you can play the drug slowly for a long time, played each has different effects, you can

Play a role in body care and even cure disease. Corn and other plant material has been considered the traditional filling materials, mainly because they themselves have a rich composition of amino acids, in people sleeping through the skin friction and the breathing part is absorbed by the body, modern technology produced by the core material is mainly about pillows for comfort. Pillowcases have three basic styles: regular a package type, Oxford (with flat edge) and edge type. Three fixed pillow pillowcase has a product, would not have implemented strengthening measures at both sides. Cotton, cotton/polyester and rayon can be used to sew pillowcases, but the most comfortable pillow case material is made of pure cotton fabric, good air permeability and moisture absorption and does not irritate the skin.