Light and matte PU paint wear (RCA) all get

PU products in industrial coatings are widely used in coating systems for mobile phones, computers, home appliances, automotive interiors, etc. These products have a common performance requirement: they are required to be resistant to RCA tests. No matter whether it is painted or coated, whether it is light or matte, RCA resistance of PU products is a problem that is difficult to properly solve. In the face of this situation, Shenzhen Jiashengda Polymer Material Co., Ltd. has launched three high RCA-resistant , High performance, cost-effective hydroxy acrylic resin. And according to different customer requirements have different mature applications.

What makes you even more pleasant is that these three resins are used together and their performance will be more prominent. While taking into consideration the high resistance to RCA, other physical and chemical properties are still strong, including: high hardness, good boiling water resistance, and chemical resistance. Jia, etc., of which PAR-1525N-60 for the matte system will not affect the resistance to RCA, Jia Shengda will provide you with professional and high quality coating application program.

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