[Henneki] launched a rapid PU color coating replacement system for injection molding

Hennecke has introduced a machine line that handles color wear and changes color quickly when coating injection molded components.

This plug-and-play system called Color Line Multi-Connect allows for surface casting and quick and clean discoloration with polyurethane and polyurea.


Hennecke said that the new machine can use the "polyurethane color coating system to inject injection molded parts. By using different colors and pigment effects, such as metal sheets, and almost no design defects."

The company said in a post that this is possible because of the "systematic distribution of isocyanates and the color processing of different modules".

It adds that the Color Line unit is designed to be installed as a fixed isocyanate unit on an injection molding machine. This is used with the Multi Connect color module with its own heater.

According to Hennecke, the Multi Connect features a compact mobile carrier design that provides up to seven color modules simultaneously. Each color module can operate independently and be connected to an isocyanate station that controls the color module.

Each color modules are equipped with their own Hennecke MN 8 MC-type mixing head. This ensures that each color circulates in its own system and does not mix when discolored.

Hennecke added that the color change can be done in 15 minutes without cleaning.

Consists of two parts of Color Line and Multi Connect system has a good layout flexibility and modular system can be easily expanded.

Hennecke said it expects the system to be used in the automotive and consumer goods sectors.

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