East China University produced modified composite materials fire retardant and magic new features

At present, the scientific and technological innovation in the field of materials is changing with each passing day. Superconducting materials, carbon fiber and ceramic-based, resin-based composite materials, etc., have caused the public to be overwhelmed. “Materials” are developing in the direction of intelligence, micronano, and design. Professor Li Chunzhong from East China University of Science and Technology has been working in the field of polymer composites for many years. Through the complementary advantages of various materials, a variety of “modified polymer composites” have been developed. These “modified” materials have both dielectrics. Environmentally-friendly PVC with flame-retardant or other functional properties, as well as polypropylene, polyamide, polybutylene terephthalate, and other composite materials with excellent mechanical properties, will be used in elevators, wireless base stations, and automobiles in the future. Polymer composites.

Li Chunzhong introduced that, for example, the elevator balance compensation chain is an important safety component that keeps the elevator running smoothly, and is usually wrapped in PVC. However, existing materials in China contain substances that are banned by European Union regulations. Once the combustion process has high smoke density, toxic gases are easily generated. The project team developed a high oxygen index, low smoke density halogen-free flame-retardant polymer. The elastomer meets European Union regulations. Its flame retardant and mechanical properties even surpass those of famous products from Germany and the United States.

Another example is the base station used in wireless communications, whose RF antenna needs a radome to protect it from ultraviolet light, wind and rain, and temperature. The materials developed by the project team can withstand temperatures of 80 degrees Celsius, and have strong functions such as anti-ultraviolet rays, anti-aging, and wind resistance. They are suitable for long-term outdoor use and are environmentally friendly materials that can be recycled.

To improve the properties (toughness, rigidity, strength, etc.) and functions (flame retardation, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, resiliency, sealability, etc.) of polymer composites, it is necessary to add different substances to the polymer. What? How to add? How to make the distribution of these substances in the polymer, the wear and tear between substances, etc., develop in the direction of project team design? After more than ten years of hard work, the project team finally found the "secret formula": interface expansion, multi-phase cooperation, structural design and process optimization of molding equipment, a total of three breakthrough points, and finally invented a series of inorganic materials with high performance and specific functions. Modified polymer materials and products.

Li Chunzhong stated that the future competition is the competition of materials. The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge and the large-caliber radio telescope of Guizhou’s “Tianyan” have been used to build these “super projects” and advanced materials have contributed to them. Enterprises master powerful advanced materials and can easily win in the market competition. According to reports, the “modified” materials of the Huali team also include a polyamide material, which has high rigidity and long-term heat resistance, and meets the requirements of high rigidity, heat resistance, and wear resistance of starter gears. Can replace metal gears. This is a big plus for car lightweighting and it also helps to save energy. Another kind of PBT/PET/hybrid reinforcement composite material has excellent heat resistance and mechanical properties, some of the indicators have exceeded the foreign similar products, and have been applied in mid- to high-end domestic cars.

“Combination is one of the inevitable trends in the development of materials. Polymer-based composites are the most widely used species at the moment.” Li Chunzhong said that they will make unremitting efforts to develop new materials and develop new features to meet people’s production and life. Demand.

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