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In primitive times, people used stones or Bale, elevate the head went to bed, would seem to be "hills burrowing and" more primitive pillows.

During the warring States period, and pillow is very exquisite. In 1957, in xinyang city, Henan province long close a Chu Tomb, unearthed a well-preserved painted wooden bed, bamboo pillow on the bed. Our previous study on the pillow. Famous North Song dynasty historian Sima Guang, use a small round pillows, sleeping, a little move, head from the pillow slip, immediately woke up, woke up hard to continue reading after he named the pillow "pillow of police". For physical fitness, achieve the purpose of healing during sleep, the ancient medicine to cure in the pillow, called "pillow". Li's compendium of Materia Medica said: "bitter buckwheat, mung bean, black beans skin skin, cassia ... ... Pillows, to the old eyesight. "There is a wide variety of pillows, most of the" fire "and" hot "for the purpose. Ming and Qing dynasty chairs take a central brain size increased, made of various type, cut out the incline to raise load. Take this part of the brain called "pillow".