Covestro Dematerializes the Industrialization Future of Cutting-Edge Technology through Material Science and Technology

Global industrial upgrading and the gradual formation of smart, high-end, and customized patterns have attracted the attention of emerging markets for more extensive market applications and industrialization.

The issuance of the nation’s first batch of intelligent network-linked automobile open road test numbers allowed us to see the transition of smart network-linked vehicles from R&D testing to demonstration applications and commercialization promotion;

The advancement of precision medicine and the application of medical big data have brought new hopes for the cure of many diseases, especially major diseases;

Alpha Go’s superb thinking ability in the battle against Ke Jie demonstrates the infinite possibilities of artificial intelligence in various industries in the future...

Whether in the automotive, medical or daily life scenarios, the realization of new technologies allows people to carry out activities in a more “smart” way. Therefore, the lower industry is devoting itself to continuously exploring the development of new technology products adapted to realistic scenarios, realizing mature business models, and forming considerable business benefits, thereby promoting the industrialization of these emerging technologies.

In intelligent/customized products, the choice of materials will have an important impact on the realization of technology, the aesthetics of design, and the high efficiency of production.

As a leading company in the field of materials science and technology, Covestro closely follows the general trend of the industry and provides open-innovation strategies for leading manufacturers, designers, and engineers of all walks of life with superior quality, customization, cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness. material. Through the CHINAPLAS platform, Covestro will exhibit the latest materials technology and the best cooperation cases with industry partners. Under the theme of “Let's Play Fun For The Future, Plasticity Is Wonderful”, it will be an interactive, fun and open way. Industry insiders show that they are the "technical partners" that bring infinite inspiration to industry innovation.

How to realize the imagination of the future car?

Lightweight, electrified and intelligent - the development of the automobile in the future is inseparable from such keywords. So what do you think about the future of cars?

Perhaps the driverless car needs to use such a transparent transparent window to achieve all-round and no dead-end road conditions.

Perhaps the scene inside the car is no longer a similar layout, but a personalized, customized space.

These futuristic shapes and interiors may not be ideal. Covestro material with excellent plasticity, transparency, lightness and impact resistance can ensure the sense of design of the car while ensuring the durability and robustness of the interior and exterior parts. In addition, Covestro's high-quality Makrolon®, Moldova® and other products are also widely used in battery packs and charging equipment for electric vehicles to meet the increasing demand for electric vehicles.

At CHINAPLAS, Covestro will exhibit its prototype automotive electronics interior components called "Conversion Components" jointly with several different types of partners. This prototype successfully achieved a combination of direct coating technology and thin-film insert molding technology, and promoted the efficient application of direct coating technology with design flexibility, streamlined production, and low-carbon environmental protection, resulting in the large-scale production of automotive interiors. Design opens up new possibilities.

The distance from peace of mind medical care may be worse than a reliable device

The increasingly severe medical environment makes people's test of the safety of medical materials more stringent. At the same time, under the requirements of technological innovation and operational convenience, the entire market urgently needs reliability and at the same time can adapt to the equipment and instruments of the latest medical technology applications.

Covestro Material Solutions has precisely created the potential for such a demand: to provide added value to the ever-changing medical industry to meet the rapidly changing market.

Covestro's new medical grade polycarbonate Makrolon® Rx3440 will be exhibited at this show. The outstanding durability and chemical resistance of Makrolon® Rx3440 can effectively prevent the corrosion of the infusion tube connector by strong solvents in oncology medicines, and help the medical staff to perform oncological drug treatment for patients more safely.

How can the "Smart Home" blueprint become a reality?

Blacktech blessed smart devices are gradually changing the manual practices that have been circulating for thousands of years, helping consumers experience more of life. According to research firm Statista, the global smart home market will reach 79.3 billion U.S. dollars by 2021. The layout of smart homes gradually unfolds, and the penetration of the Internet of Things will create a new lifestyle for people.

Through in-depth insight into the consumer market, Covestro constantly innovates and infuses materials into R&D to provide customized integrated material solutions – with its superior lightweight, easy-to-shape characteristics and durability that can support compliance with the human body. The design style of engineering and modern trends leads the smart storm of smart devices.

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