Breathability and elasticity of pillows

Pillow of air permeability and elasticity for a pillow soft body pillow material, mainly because other fill materials such as cassia, silkworms, grains of sand,

Can ensure a good air permeability pillow, no flexibility will not collapse. Soft materials such as vacuum cotton, cotton, sponge may be present, such as poor ventilation, poor flexibility problem. According to medical surveys, prone position in certain percentage per person during sleep, breathable performance in a bad pillow can make sleep breathing disorders, thereby seriously affecting people's health and may even pose a security problem, pillows on the market today most businesses had this problem in mind, more porous fibers to solve this problem. Flexibility mainly refers to soft body pillow material collapses the pillow can be avoided, ensure pillows are comfortable using for a long time, increased neck bending load bearing capacity, but good pillow sleeping positions also exist disadvantages of instability. Best pillows need to be flexible is moderate, moderate support.