Bertrandt and SGL Group launch innovative carbon fiber scaffolding technology

Carbon fiber reinforced plastics often play an important role in lightweight construction. As a result, Bertrand and SGL Group have demonstrated their respective strengths to demonstrate the potential of this material in order to develop a breakthrough technology for mass production to provide new configurations and design options for automotive interiors.

An OEM-neutral car body draft created by Bertrandt is the basis for the development of a feature pack model that can be used in the interior of an interior of an electric-driven convertible or two-seater, which includes All the main features and decorative components of a traditional dashboard. In addition, the model incorporates a newly developed design language that helps the central load path and CFRP elements be visualized to the driver. The structural components have also been redesigned to give the car interior a more free, lighter and more floating feel.

“When designing carbon fiber supports, we ensure that the components, technologies and assembly concepts used are prepared for high-volume production, now and in the near future. In particular, the demand for weight reduction in electric vehicles means This will lead to a wider range of applications," said Michael Hage, head of body development/CAE at Bertrandt.

The main challenge in developing such a carbon fiber scaffold is the need to find the best match between the matrix material and the fiber material. The length, proportion and orientation of the fiber, as well as the layer structure and process technology, must meet a wide range of requirements. This car body draft is a typical non-exclusive (ie neutral) installation structure. For this, SGL Group not only contributed its expertise in materials and processes, but also shared its mass production components. experience. At the company's Lightweight Application Center, SGL Group has developed an optimal material mixing and production technology.

“From concept to design to automated mass production, the expertise of Bertrandt and SGL Group has been applied to this carbon fiber support throughout the development of the product.” SGL Group Lightweight Application Center The person in charge, Dr. Andreas Erber, said.

This carbon fiber scaffold is highly innovative and demonstrates the structure that can be realized in the modern car concept, and the experience gained from it will be used for more collaborative projects and in future customer projects of Bertrand and SGL Group. .

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