Ancient people in how to use pillows on the bed?

Most of the sleeping without a pillow, pillow, ancient especially pay attention, by looking at the name, than how many doorways to modern pillow.

Emperor's pillow, the weaving basket, framed the finest nephrite jade, elegant, is called "Jade". Rich family more to Su silk for fabric, built-in featured cotton, is party type, is said "Silk Pillow" or "party pillow"; Lady are door not out two door not Michael, in boudoir floor learn learn embroidery, practice practice poems painting, leisure natural not forget in pillow Shang do fuss, is said to have lady when young in pillow Shang rust of to Phoenix, stay married Shi again rust Mandarin Duck, to Nanmu for box, called "Nan pillow", so has "first total bed" of poetry. In ancient times, elaborate on quite a few pillows really, because pillows are loving about not loving in a bed when a person touching testimony.